Runyang Technology mainly develops GFOAM, IXPE, IXEVA and other prototype environmental foam products. Products can be modified according to different customer needs, and can have nine features: “non-toxic, bacteria prevention, flame retardance, sound insulation, water resistance, shock absorption, light weight, anti-static and thermal insulation”.



“GFOAM”, also called “GOODFOAM”, is developed and manufactured with Runyang Technology’s unique electron crosslinking technology. Through electron crosslinking technology, the main raw material polyethylene is heated and foamed to 5 to 35 times, forming a tabular high density foam.

“GFOAM” is characterized by nearly 100% independent cell structure, with light weight and strong rigidity. It has many excellent performances such as heat insulation, buffering, heat resistance and rebound elasticity, and can be easily subject to cutting, punch forming and other machining.



As a stable and safe high-quality material with high environment protection, high performance, fine appearance and comfortable feel, GFOAM has now been applied in maternal and infant products and has been well received.


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In the future, Runyang Technology will continue to rely on innovative technology advantages, actively plan for the long term, and gradually promote the development and application of GFOAM in the electronics industry, health care, maternal and infant products, green building, automotive interior, environmentally friendly packaging, sports and leisure and home furnishing and other fields.

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