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Notes for Contact
  • 1. For consultation by telephone, please call between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on business days;
  • 2. For consultation by telephone, please dial different numbers based on the business;
  • 3. For consultation by E-mail, in the case of weekends, holidays and our other non-business days, we will reply to you on business days;
  • 4. For consultation by E-mail, please briefly explain your intention in the title of your E-mail;
  • 5. For consultation by E-mail, the corresponding department may contact you by telephone or E-mail based on the convenience of communication;
  • 6. For consultation by E-mail, depending on the content of consultation, it may take us several days or longer to reply to you if necessary;
  • 7. Your E-mail information will only be used when we respond to your comments and questions;
  • 8. Our reply to your E-mail is created to answer your specific questions. Without our permission, you shall not transfer, reuse or disclose any part or all of the reply to other third parties;
  • 9. For consultation on after-sales service, we also accept brief consultation via E-mail for maintenance services after business hours or not in a hurry to be completed, but please be sure to provide a telephone number as we may contact you by telephone on the next business day.

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