Our Team

After more than 9 years of development, there are more than900 employees of Runyang Technology around the world, who specialize in chemistry, materials science, marketing, electronic informatics and computer science. Our team is young and energetic as a whole with more than half of employees under the age of 35. The professional title level is rationalized, and the personnel allocation of positions such as R&D, management and marketing is fully in place. The disciplines and specialties match required skills, talents cover each application direction of us, and talents of different positions perform their respective duties and cooperate with each other to form a unified organic whole, so as to jointly complete our development tasks and meet the needs of efficient operation.

* The statistical period of the above information is up to May 2022

Global Recruitment

We recruit R & D engineers, acoustic engineers and other professionals from all over the world. We expect you to use your professional talents and diverse perspectives to conceive the future with us. If you are an academic talent in relevant fields, we sincerely invite you to look for opportunities in our growing company.