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Description of Features
Features Description of features
Anti-static They have stable surface resistivity and volume resistivity, generally between 106-109Ω•cm, and can be anti-static for a long time
Temperature resistance and corrosion prevention The shrinkage rate of IXPE can be controlled at 5% at 120℃ for 24h, not affected by ambient humidity
Buffering and shock absorption Soft foam has good buffering and shock absorption performance, with low hardness and high rebound resilience
Environmental protection and flame retardance They are non-toxic and odorless, with flame retardant rating of *B1
Machinability They can be punched, bonded and processed into various shapes required by customers

*B1: refractory materials

Introduction to Applications in Electronics Industry

With the rapid development of China’s electronic information industry, the supporting electronics industry has also ushered in a period of rapid development, but in the process of modern industrial production and transportation of electronic parts, the annual product loss caused by static electricity cannot be underestimated. Static electricity can reduce the service life of electronic components, and even break down electronic components in serious cases, resulting in equipment damage. Therefore, anti-static packaging of electronic products is more and more important.

In view of the market potential of anti-static foam, Runyang Technology actively responds, and will continue to explore the practical application of IXPE in the electronics industry in the future.

IXPE anti-static or conductive foam is a polymer conductive and anti-static foam material made through electron crosslinking and foaming of the mixture of polyethylene and foaming agent and high efficiency conductive agent, as well as other special materials. It is flexible, buffered, shock absorbent, moisture-proof and heat insulated, high temperature and corrosion resistant and easy in secondary processing.

Runyang Technology is promoting the improvement and optimization of the existing process through technological breakthroughs, increasing the support for research and development in the field of electronics industry, and actively expanding the applications of our IXPE in electronic tray, heat insulating film, foam tape and battery heat insulating buffer film, etc.