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Scientific Research Center

“Many” contributes to profound accumulation of potential
“Innovation” makes a cocoon become a butterfly

On the road of scientific research for more than 9 years, Runyang Technology has attracted many advanced R&D talents at home and abroad to focus on industry development and tackle scientific research problems. We continue to strengthen investment in scientific and technological innovation, promote new breakthroughs in production and R&D with technology, support our high-quality and rapid development, and strive to build a global technological and environmental foam material industry platform.

At present, the scientific research center of Runyang Technology in Huzhou, Zhejiang has been officially put into use. The center covers an area of 1,463m² and is equipped with world-class laboratory equipment and information platform to realize the integrated whole process management of scientific research, quality inspection and production, and provide high-quality hardware support and mass production guarantee for product R&D and achievement transformation.


Scientific Research Center

  • First-class laboratory equipment
  • Informatization Platform
  • Full Process Management System
Patent and Testing