Runyang Technology mainly develops GFOAM, IXPE, IXEVA and other prototype environmental foam products. Products can be modified according to different customer needs, and can have nine features: “non-toxic, bacteria prevention, flame retardance, sound insulation, water resistance, shock absorption, light weight, anti-static and thermal insulation”.



IXEVA is also called electron irradiation crosslinked EVA foam material. The IXEVA products of Runyang Technology are environmental foam materials with closed cell made by high temperature foaming based on EVA or modified EVA resin through the electron crosslinking technology of Runyang Technology and the use of high-power electron beam generated by electron accelerator to change the molecular structure of EVA resin and form a tight three-dimensional network structure.



IXEVA is a non-toxic, odorless, green material with uniform and dense cell and excellent mechanical properties.


[Application Field]

Its extended products are widely applied in the field of home furnishing materials, and can also be applied in wrapping materials of building materials, yoga mats, liner of packing suppliers, etc. Runyang Technology tackles this research achievement to improve the performance of traditional EVA and X-EVA foam products.

Material Characteristics

IXEVA’s features Description of features
Non-toxic and odorless Electron crosslinking technology is used, without chemical residue and harmful gas
Heat insulation Their independent closed cell can effectively reduce the energy exchange caused by air convection, with heat insulation effect
Water resistance and moisture protection The dense independent closed cell and polyolefin molecule can effectively prevent the infiltration of water, with water resistance effect
Sound insulation Their independent closed cell can effectively reduce the energy exchange and block the transmission of sound waves caused by sound and impact, with sound insulation effect
Rebound resilience They have high rebound resilience and resistance to tension, and strong toughness, with good shock absorption performance
Flexibility They are flexible with comfortable feel, and still have good flexibility at subzero temperature

Products Overview