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  • Inner layer of medical bottle cap
  • Medical neck bracket
  • Band aid
  • Elastic knee support lining
  • Dental bracket
Description of Features
Introduction to Applications in Health Care

Since its establishment in 2012, Runyang Technology has been in line with the goal of improving people’s quality of life and contributing to the protection of people’s health. In the future, we will carry out medical R&D layout. As a R&D manufacturer of innovative GFOAM, we will provide high-quality raw materials to form key core technology products in the field of health care, and strive to contribute to the improvement of quality of medical environment at home and abroad.

As a stable and safe environmental material with high quality and high performance, GFOAM has a wide application prospect in the medical field. For example, as an inner core material, it can be used in medical neck brace.Neck brace is an auxiliary treatment device for cervical spondylosis,which can reduce nerve wear, reduce traumatic reaction of intervertebral joints, and is conducive to the regression of tissue edema and the consolidation of effect.

In addition, GFOAM can also be used to produce medical products such as medical polymer roll first-aid splint and medical tape inner core in the future.