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Application of Environmentally friendly packaging Products
  • Positioning package
  • Air bubble bag
  • Air column bag
  • Wrapping film
  • Suitcase lining
  • Food wrapper
  • Wrapped tape
Description of Features
Introduction to Applications in Environmentally friendly packaging

As the concept of low carbon and environmental protection has become the dominant theme of society, low carbon and environmental protection is prevailing in many fields, so is the field of packaging materials. Environmentally friendly packaging material has become the development trend and future of packaging field.

Runyang Technology is committed to embody the concept of green in all aspects of packaging products.

Runyang Technology’s products can be used in the field of packaging. For example, the air column bag film produced by co-extrusion of double-sided low density PE and NYLON PA has the features of tensile resistance and balance, and its advantages of anti-collision, anti-damage, wear resistance, pressure resistance, water resistance and dust prevention will be relied on to provide all kinds of goods with airtight protection of shock absorption during long-time storage and transportation, so as to meet the packaging, transportation and storage needs of all kinds of goods.

In the future, Runyang Technology will enter the environmentally friendly packaging market with the existing IXPE and IXEVA. Because our IXPE and IXEVA are light, soft, easy to be divided, molded and made into various shapes, and are shock absorbent and anti-static, they are high performance environmental materials that meet the demand of modern packaging market. Combined with market demand, we are constantly enriching IXPE and IXEVA applications in positioning packaging through technological innovation and process upgrading, such as household appliances, precision instruments, precious utensils, liner of bags, etc., so as to meet various customer needs.

In terms of logistics packaging, we fully consider the comprehensiveness of packaging, and recommend PE film as wrapping film and inflatable columnar fixed packaging material. With high tensile strength, puncture resistance, tear resistance and good retractive force, it can be used to wrap goods tightly to avoid possible disorganization and displacement during transportation.