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  • Yoga Mat
  • Wrestling mat
  • life jacket
  • Floating board
  • Surfboard
  • Lining of wearable anti-collision injury protector
  • Lining material of fitness equipment
Description of Features
Application in yoga mat, dance mat and wrestling mat GFOAM
Odor Odorless and non-toxic
Appearance The surface is smooth, soft and delicate
Buffering Effective absorption of impact force, buffered and shock absorbent
Tension strength High tension, not easy to fracture
Elasticity Large elasticity modulus, and strong compression capability
Environmental index Formamide content meets EU standard
Easy cleaning Easy to clean, wiped directly without leaving a mark
Application in surfboards and swim boards Heat conductivity coefficient Water absorption Density Applicable temperature Weather resistance Sound insulation
GFOAM 0.026 0.3 0.030 -120℃~80℃ Unchanged Good
Introduction to Applications in Sports and Leisure
Indoor fitness

Runyang Technology starts with GFOAM, IXPE and IXEVA, and gradually enters the market of sports and fitness products by giving full play to its material and technical advantages. GFOAM, IXPE and IXEVA all have superior rebound resilience, shock absorption and impact resistance, and their service life is longer than that of other materials. In addition, environmentally friendly, lightweight, non-toxic and odorless, and suitable for direct skin contact make it more convenient to carry the product and the product’s safety more stable. Therefore, it has a wide application prospect in the field of indoor fitness materials, including yoga mat, dance mat and wrestling mat.

Outdoor swimming and lifesaving

In the future, Runyang Technology will make full use of the features of GFOAM, IXPE and IXEVA materials, i.e., good floatability, high density, weather resistance and wide temperature tolerance, through technological development to promote the application of our products in the fields of surfboard sandwich, swim board material and life jacket core material.